Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a big girl bed!

My darling girl will be three in July and we are just now moving her to a "big girl" bed. Our closest friends have had their kiddos in their beds for 6 months or so but not Bear. She loved her crib, she never even thought about climbing out. She was very capable of climbing in and I expected on many an occasion to see her little curls peek around the corner as she tiptoed from her room at night but alas that never happened. So today she officially moved to her big girl bed.

We had to go pick up the mattress this morning and the whole way there she kept asking, "Momma, where is my big girl crib?"

"No, honey it's a bed not a crib you don't need a crib anymore."

"Oh,...but then where am I going to sleep?"

"In your new bed."


After we set it up she wanted to go down for her nap early so I got her ready and we went though our normal routine which she cut short by saying, "I'm ready to get in bed now."

She then proceeded to get out of bed and play with the door and everything else before I threatened to take away one of the 50 stuffed animals and baby dolls that sleep in her bed with her. Rather than sacrifice a bed fellow she took a nap for two hours! Wahooo!

Night time went just as well. This is awesome!

I know I'm so in for it tomorrow!!

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