Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One Soggy Day

Today while killing time between picking up Little Miss from school and going to our play-date, we stopped to watch the geese in the pond. I decided to use that time to feed the baby. Miss climbed into the front seat and rolled down the window so she could holler at the bald eagles (aka sea gulls...not sure where this confusion comes from. She's seen a bald eagle.) We then spot an Egret in the water....Momma, why isn't that egret moving? Is he dead?
No, he's just holding still
Holding Still!? WHY!!? (This is a concept obviously lost on a three year old)
Hannah continues her dialog with the sea gulls...Hey, what's your name? Why is he standing so still? You sure he's not dead? Is he real!?

In the mean time baby boy needs a diaper change so I pull him out of his car seat, set him on my lap and begin to change him. Suddenly my leg is getting wet! AGH! and the steering wheel and the floor board. I stop the flow, turn to get another wipe and am getting wet again. Really!?! About that time I hear Momma, I have to go potty NOW! Miss scurries into the very back of the car to get her port-a-potty ready (life saver for potty training kiddos and beyond) She hands it up to me so that I can get the bag inserted all the while balancing a wet half diapered baby on my legs. Port-a-potty is set, I hand it back to Missy who continues on with her business and her ongoing commentary of life that began months ago. In the midst of her constant chatter I hear, "I got a really big poopy." Assuming that all is well in the back I begin cleaning up little mister. Suddenly I hear, Uh-OH! (not good with pottying toddler in the back of car). Then, "Momma I can't find my poopy" she says ever so calmly.
WHAT!?! Isn't it in the bag!?!?!
Oh yeah...there it is.
Whew that was close. We almost had pee in the front seat and poppy in the back. Really, is my whole car a port-a-potty?
Feeling safe again I search for new clothes for baby only to find a newborn size onesie. Oh No, that's not going to work. Seeing as my not even two month old son has practically doubled in weight since his newborn day. I don't think I can squeeze him in to it. I fumble around in the diaper bag until I produce another onesie size: 3 months. Will have to do...luckily he's squishy! Upon donning said onesie he looks like a lump of play-dough that has been squeezed through a bag with five holes...sorry baby, wish I could say it won't happen again but I know better.
One child dry and clothed while the other finishes up.....
At this point Miss realizes there is a puddle at her feet where she claims to have missed, "but only a little". Now her pants are wet....humm...brain whirling...oh yeah we have her backpack there are extra pants in there! Wahoo! Feeling good. Managed to get daughter cleaned up and clothed! Wiped up the back of the car with rest of the diaper wipes luckily it was only a little (pants had soaked most of that up!)
Off to our play-date!
Whew no wonder I'm tired at the end of the day!!

Please note that the a fore mentioned incident occurred in late January early February and I'm just NOW getting this e-mail out.

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