Friday, August 29, 2014

The Dragon Tale

Around here Wednesdays are our down days.  I take Colton to swim lessons and then we come home and do stuff around the house until we pick up Hannah from school.
This past Wednesday we were hanging out eating popcorn and watching Curious George.  I decided to get a quick look at FaceBook when Colton spotted this in my news feed.
Momma!  Can you make me one of those!?
Yes, we could probably do that.
Right now!?
No, we need to make the pizza dough for dinner (I figured this would be a fun activity for us), finish cleaning up and its almost time to get Hannah.
Oh...then can we?
We will see.
Is that a yes, or is that a no?  What does that mean?
It means we will see if we have time.

We finish George, make pizza dough and cookies (Colton's idea), finish cleaning up and go pick up Hannah.  As soon as we walk in the door.
Momma, will you make my tail yet?
Not yet, we have to start dinner.  Off he goes to play with his sister.  

... Ten minutes later ...

Have you started my tail yet?
When can we?

The same conversation happened every ten minutes for the next three hours.

This is how Colton managed to get a dinosaur tail in less than 24 hours of seeing it on FaceBook.

After dinner and bath I lugged out the material scrap box and we dug through it to see if we had enough of anything that would work.  We cut the material  and  everything was ready to sew but it was time for bed.  I put him to bed asking about his tail and when it would be finished.  I assured him we would get it done the next day.

Hannah has to be to school an hour before Colton.  Usually Colton and I run errands or go look at cows to kill the time before his school.  However, on this morning he informed me that after dropping of Hannah he wanted to come home and for me to get out my sewer (sewing machine to some) and work on his tail.  
As soon as we walked in the door he brought me the material pieces and asked me to sew them while he watched his show.  
I got to work.
I was able to get about half way finished before he had to go to school.
As I gave him a kiss before he walked into his class he asked, "will you bring me my tail when you pick me up?"
So home I went to finish a tail for my tenacious little dinosaur.

He quickly acclimated to having a tail.
Colton Lucas Dinosaur Matthew, complete with tail.

He even let Sissy try it on.
A little background:  When Colton was about 4 months old, Hannah announced that she thought we should change her brothers name to Colton Lucas Dinosaur Matthew Kester.  It sort of stuck and even now if you ask him to tell you his whole name he'll tell you that's what it is.  Oh, the power that big sisters have!

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  1. So just checked out the link that I ididny click on at first. Oops. So cool. I now want to make one of those this weekend!