Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What does a Cow sound like?

The other day we were driving by a pasture full of cows and Colton asked, "What does a cow sound like?"
Hannah and I both replied with, "MOOOO!"
We soon learned that he knew what they said but he had never heard a cow say it!
So, of course, that became our mission!
On our way home from our errands we drove past several fields and couldn't find one cow that was close enough to hear.
Just before we made it to our neighborhood we found these guys.

I turned on the hazard lights and pulled off the road, next to the fence.  We rolled down the windows in anticipation of hearing the cow Moo!
Not a sound was uttered by any of these guys.  Simply the swishing of tails and flapping of years.  The kids tried to coax the cows into conversation by Mooing at them and later demanding, "MOOO you COW!!"  Still nothing...
After a good 20 minutes of this and one offer to help this Mom stranded on the side of the road (No, I didn't explain what we were doing just simply assured the man we were fine and sent him on his way)
I decided it was time to leave.  Much to the chagrin of my children.
Over the next few days we drove by the fields in hopes of a Mooing opportunity and none came.   However, the other day after dropping Sissy off at school, Colton and I decided to go check the fields.
There was a lady entering one of the pastures as we drove by so I pulled in behind her and explained our dilemma.  She invited us to drive into the pasture and visit with the cows.

So we did!

Mission Accomplished!!

Colton said, "When cows say, MOOO, it sounds like MOVE.  Are they telling each other to move?"

Good question kid...good question.

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