Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catching up

Since it is now July 24th and my last post was about events occurring a month ago I'm going to give you a brief synopsis of what happened.
July 1- heard the baby's heartbeat - Bear thinks it is so much fun to listen to it on my phone (where I recorded it). She loves her "baby sister".

July 4 -we celebrated Bear's 3rd Birthday with a kitty cat party at the Mall carousel. We had a BLAST! Thank you to my friend who planned the entire event and found all of the kitty cat goodies. All I did was make a cake, few yarn party balls and show up. Love that!

July 4th evening- again thank you to wonderful friends who came to help us load up the u-haul that was headed to T-town with all of our belongings not destine to move with us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

July 5th - load up the car hit the road to T-town (Binky got lost on the way to Grannies....bummer)

First night with out a Binky and we all survived it was surprisingly anticlimactic. We had been telling her that when she turned three she wouldn't need her Binky any more. We kept referencing that on party day we would give up the Binky. She finally told me she didn't want to have a party and would just keep her Binky...What kid does this?? Denouncing a birthday for a Binky!! Geesh!

July 6th- Bear's actual birthday! Party at Grannie and Poppy's with all of the family. Little Miss is convinced that she is now 4. Mamie tries to convince her otherwise and is told as only a three year old can, that she was three at her Mall party so she is 4 now! Kid is logical if nothing else. Took us all week to convince her she was still 3 years old.
Relaxed at Grannie and Poppy's all week. I was a total slug but it was a wonderful week of playing in the pool and sunshine.

I'm not actually sure what has happened between the time we got home and now but it's been crazy busy. Our house is clean and decluttered (believe it or not) and ready to show. Now, if we could just find people that want to see it!

Bear's funny for tonight: "Momma, I'm gonna ride on a giraffe. I'm gonna ride on a giraffe with my baby sister."
"Yep, next time we go to the zoo, I'm gonna ride on a giraffe and be way up high."
Where does she get this stuff??

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