Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Two women a three year old and five baby gorillas..

August 27
Two women a three year old and five baby gorillas set out on an adventure to South Carolina. Sounds like the beginning of a joke huh? That's been my life for the past few days...
We left Arlington, Texas at 11:30 Sunday morning. Car was packed tight with all of our things, clothes, toys, child entertainment items, movies for the DVD player and snacks. All went well, the child put on her headset and began watching a movie...I'm sure she didn't notice we were even in the car with her! We made three potty stops then stopped for the night just beyond the Mississippi state line.It was at this point that things got interesting. Apparently the docile child in the car seat had merely been storing up energy throughout the drive. Upon unbuckling said child we released said energy onto the world. I've never actually seen someones eyeballs vibrate! But I have now!! I believe she was physically unable to walk she zoomed from place to place and bounced as she was standing still. So here I am exhausted from driving and being in the car and then there is this little turkey flying around all over. Luckily Mamie signed up for this adventure too. She knowingly captured the wild child, stuffed her into a swimming suit and took her to the hotel pool where she insisted that she kick kick kick around the entire pool! Whew! On to bed time...I envisioned reading a book while my child cuddled up next to one of us and went to sleep but no. She chose to sleep with me. And while I expertly ignored her chatter and went to sleep I was awakened several times as the sleeping child tested all four cardinal directions for achieving the best rest. With her head facing the foot of the bed I began to worry about being kicked in the face so I turned her around and just in the nick of time because she then began swimming in her sleep. What a blissful nights rest!

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