Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dancing Bear

Bear loves to dance around the house so when I heard that one of the girls in her class had started dance class I looked into it because I thought she might like to take class too.
I asked Bear if she wanted to go to dance class and she said, No.
Thinking that she didn't know what dance class was I scheduled a time for us to go watch a class. When the time came it was like pulling teeth to get her to go. Finally after the promise of ice cream after dance class I got her in the car. We went and watched she was intrigued and watched all the girls dance but refused to join when asked by the teacher.
After class I asked her if she liked dance class she said, No.
When Grannie asked how dance class was she said, "It was fun but I didn't want to dance."
Convinced that she will change her mind I purchase leotard, tights and a dance skirt I also schedule a time to have her fitted for the required dance shoes.
On fitting day I pick her up from school and told her we were going to see Miss Deanna and get her foot measured for new shoes!
Bear - "I already have shoes."
Me - "Yes, but these are special shoes for dancing."
B - "I already have dance shoes."
M -" Yes, but let's just go see. Miss Deanna is waiting on us."
So we go and I think she will benefit from seeing Miss Deanna without everyone else and decide that dancing might be fun...
After trying on the shoes Miss Deanna asks her if she would come on Tuesday to dance with her and the other girls. Bears simple response is...No. (Not your typical three year old NO! but just No...not going to do that.
One last attempt. My thought is we'll play with all the new clothes and dance all weekend then we'll observe the Tuesday class and if she participates we'll sign up but if she doesn't we'll pass for now.
Friday try to get her to put on ballerina outfit...No
Saturday try again...No
Tuesday morning...No
Me - Ready for dance class? Let's go show Daddy!
Bear - No...I don't want to dance.
Should I have listened the first time? Yes! Lesson learned...maybe.

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