Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Whirl Wind Update This is long

Just to catch up...
August 19th - found out that baby sister is actually a baby brother just as I suspected. Little Miss went with us to the Dr. office to see the ultrasound. We had been talking about what was going to happen for a couple of days but just before we left I asked her what we were going to do at the Dr. office? She told me we were going to the Dr. to crack open Momma's belly and bring home the baby. Needless to say we had to talk about it some more but in the end she was pretty excited to see the baby on TV...even if it was a baby brother :0)
August 20th- The packers descended upon our house and began packing us up for our big move. The Bear the dog and I holed up in Daddy's office with all the do not pack items and watched TV most of the day. Luckily a P&F's Mom came and rescued Little Miss for a few hours to have lunch and play. Two packers worked from 9:00am until 6:30pm packing all of our stuff. Thankfully an AECPTA friend brought us home made tacos and all the fixings for dinner. Friends are wonderful!
August 21st - Movers showed up at 8:00am Turkey Girl was supposed to go with friends again but she said she wanted to stay home. Thankfully she decided to go play when O&A's Mom showed up to get her. I think the packers were thankful too, even thought they lost a "helper".
That night the girls threw us a going away dinner which was a lot of fun. The children had a BLAST running around the private room at the restaurant. Hard to say good bye.
August 22nd - planned to work on the finally cleaning of the house. My P&F's Mom came over to help about the time we got started I got a call saying they wanted to show the house from Noon to 2:00pm AARGH! So we cleaned fast and made it. We then headed to Chick-fil-a. Mamie was supposed to get in around 1:50 but her flight was delayed. We picked up Brian and took hime to get some lunch then headed home so I could take a shower FINALLY! The phone rang again and apparently the showing was late so now they needed the house until 3 ARGHH! Eventually we did get to go home and I got a shower. Mamie was picked up from the airport and I went to meet my girls for dinner we had a fun meal at Nelda's then hit Borders where we wandered and avoided the inevitable. After a quick and tearful goodbye I headed home.
August 23rd - loaded the car and headed for Beaufort (see previous post)
August 24th - more driving, baby gorilla antics and more wild child before bed
August 25th - three hours to go on our journey and then we got to see our new home. Our stuff still wasn't due to arrive until Thursday we stayed in a hotel for a few more days.
August 26th - Drove to Bluffton to shop at the outlet stores and get some cleaning supplies at Target. This turned into an all day adventure. I also went to meet the teacher at Little Miss's new school while she played with Mamie.
August 27th - Our stuff arrived at 8:15 they began unloading and Mamie worked hard to keep Miss priss occupied and out of the way. There are three little boys that live right in our neighborhood when I saw them riding their bikes I said oh look there are some little turkeys for you to play with. Miss still refers to them as the little turkeys...I am going to have to explain this to their parents at some point! We spent the afternoon unpacking the kitchen. I swear that is the hardest room!
August 28th - Hannah's meet the teacher morning. She had fun made two crafts and discovered a love for glitter! We then headed home and continued to unpack the kitchen. Kitchen finished for the most part and fell into bed
August 29th - drive to Savannah for the Grandma swap. Put Mamie on a plane and picked up Grannie! What would I do with out such wonderful family!
August 30th - Worked hard to get all the boxes in the house unpacked and stuff put away.
August 31st - Bear's first day of school! Pics to come... More unpacking
Sept 1 - More unpacking finished all but 3-4 boxes in house. House looks good.
Sept 2nd - Bear to school, Dr. appt for me with the nurse, then to pick up Bear, called back to Dr. for actual doctor appt. Daddy, two uncles and Poppy arrive but have no keys, have to meet Grannie at hospital where she and Bear are waiting on me. Bear won't leave Daddy's side so they switch cars. Head home and beat them to the house so have no way of getting in.
Sept 3 - Uncles leave early and the rest of us work hard on house...looks ok but looked better before the boys showed up. :0)
Sept 4 - Grannie and Poppy leave. Hannah has school and Daddy has to go into work....I'm on my own for three hours
Sept 5 - Daddy off work until Wednesday morning.
The next 4 days are spent working and playing and just enjoying being together.

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