Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dogtags, Dogtags, and more Dogtags

When Hannah was about a year old she discovered Brian’s dog tags, and LOVED to play with them. I’m not sure whether Hannah was more excited to see Daddy at the end of the day or to get her hands on his dogtags. One day Brian just handed them to her and she toddeled off swinging her prized possession. After that day we never saw them again. We scoured the house high and low! Linda came down to visit not too long after and she and I decided we were going to find them once and for all! We systimaticaly searched the house room by room, looking in drawers, under furniture, in the most random of places (because of who had them last there was no telling where they would be). Every room, every closet, every where…and nothing. They were nowhere to be found!

Last August when we moved, we searched again as things were packed and moved and the house was cleared of everything and still…nothing. Brian was convinced that Hannah had flushed them down the toilet.

Once we arrived in Beaufort Brian had to get new dogtags. I ordered a set for him online but they just weren’t the same they didn’t even say USMC on them and for some reason that made me crazy. Determined not to send my husband on a deployment with dogtags that were less than perfect I insisted that we have another set made. Brian, seeing that I was becoming a bit nurotic about this, agreed to getting yet another set of dogtags. This Friday I went to a shop here in the area and ordered another set of dogtags. Today we picked them up…they turned out okay; they still weren’t the same but atleast they had all the info on them. Guess they would do.

Today was a hard day as we struggled not to focus on the fact that tomorrow he leaves. Hannah was out playing and Colton and I were sitting on the bed talking to Brian as he packed. I hear Hannah hollering at me. I look out the window and she is peering in the mailbox, Momma, the mail is HHHEEEEEERRRRRREEEE!!! (She can’t reach inside yet). I put Colton down and walk out to get the mail, Hannah had disappeared around back. Nothing too exciting, car tag, survey, two ads and a padded envelope for Brian.

Brian opened the envelope, pulls out a sheet of paper but continues to peer into the envelope. “You’re not going to believe what is in here.” The Dogtags!! The letter was from the people who purchased our house. They had found them under the stove while having some work done on the gas line. CRAZY! CRAZY! CRAZY! What are the odds of us getting this package the day before he leaves?

Thank you Lord, thank you for easing my nurotic mind. Yes, I know you will take care of him and bring him home to us.

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