Friday, August 20, 2010

Marveling at my children

I'm amazed at how fast 8 months can go by. 
I'm amazed at how much you can forget so quickly.
I'm amazed at how fast they learn and how impressionable they are. 
I'm amazed because they are both so very amazing!

My baby boy is giving big wet open mouth pressed to your cheek with baby drool dripping down your face kisses.  He seems too young for this, but I guess if you have been kissed on by every person you have come in contact with for 8 full months of your little life then you too would be handing them out as soon as possible.  He makes me smile.  His sister loves to make him smile.  As he lies in his bed each morning chattering away to himself.  Sister will soon find me to see if she can go in to talk to her brother.  I hope they always have this.  I know they will fight and argue and generally drive each other crazy but I hope they will always have the love and admiration for each other that they do now.  That may be a bit naive but hope it just the same. 
My big girl is beautiful and head strong and full of life.  She is full wonder and compassion and energy.  She is fantastic!  Not too long ago Poppy had come to visit for a day or so.  I had run to pick up dinner while he stayed with the children.  I return home after about 1/2 hour to find Poppy and Colton standing in front of the TV (this means Colton got fussy.  Poppy's tried and true method for easing fussiness is to distract babies with big screen TV' works).  As I enter the house Sister meets me in the kitchen exclaiming, "Momma, It's all OK I'm making him a bottle!"
"So you think he's hungry?"
"Yes, and I'm making him a bottle, come see it's almost ready."
She leads me to her bathroom where she has taken a plastic bowl, filled it with warm water, retrieved a bag of milk from the freezer (using her step stool) and began thawing it.  She had a bottle on the counter ready to pour the milk into. 
She informs me that it only has one cold spot left and then it will be ready. 
Feeling the bag she has placed in my hand there is in fact only one frozen piece left.  She refills the bowl with warm water and moves the bag around until it's gone. 
She filled the bottle and off she went to find her brother!
(Never mind the fact he never did get the bottle thing down)  Sister did what she could to take care of her baby brother while Momma was away.  She ROCKS!

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