Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Am From....

I am from my Momma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies
Green beans from a can (swallowed whole while holding my nose)
The smell of Pin-Sol filling the house on Saturday mornings
Neon green gum strung from the window to taillight of Daddy’s black truck
Click click click of sockets ratcheting
Country music playing low on the radio, with the cool concrete of the garage under my bare toes.
Riding the floor jack, up, up, up, d o w n, up, up, up, d o w n….

Dirty feet and the smell of DEET
Quiet early morning horseback rides with Grandpa
Hold on tight three-wheeler rides down country roads
Fireflies, fireworks, family picnics
Millions of stars peering down from the black night as we lie on our backs in the middle of the trampoline listening to the lullaby of the locusts and the coyote howls
Soles of her feet against the soles of mine in the cool crisp sheets of Grandmas feather bed

Constant “I love you’s”
Place settings and manners
Rules and things done just so
Grandmother’s chocolate pie
Ice cream dripping from our chins
Sharing garlic cheese toast with Granddad before school
The light that danced in his eyes each time he saw us
His Miss America’s

I am from God
love everlasting
and a crazy wonderful family

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