Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear New Mom,

Congratulations on your bundle of joy. Your life as you’ve known it has just changed. What ever you are feeling it’s normal. If you fell in love with your baby the second you laid eyes on it…that’s normal. If you questioned how this little person that has lived inside of you could seem like such a stranger…it’s normal. None of it is normal by the grand scheme of the word but trust me it’s all normal in motherhood. For the next few months your body will be a stranger. If you are breastfeeding your body won’t even belong to you for the next year or so but it’s worth it. You won’t get much sleep but you will amaze people with how much you accomplish on no sleep. One day you will actually get 6 hours of consecutive sleep and feel like a million bucks. Then you will blink and your little precious is a year old and mobile. That is a whole new kind of fun. Enjoy this moment and the next one and when you are so tired you feel like you can’t function remember that this is only a moment in time and in the next moment it will all be different.

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