Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bitey, The Elephant

When our sweet little boy started getting teeth he, like many children, also began figuring out how to use those teeth.  He would test them on everything, toys, books, furniture, dog tail and occasionally, us, his loving family.  In and effort to not raise a cannibal I assigned a corduroy elephant as the toy to bite.   Anytime he started to bite we would grab the little elephant and say things like, “Don’t bite Momma, it hurts!  Bite the elephant,” while sticking the elephant’s trunk in his mouth to practice his teeth gnashing on.  Soon his big sister caught on and named the elephant Bitey after a character in one of her books. 
Apparently the use of Bitey the elephant has made quite and impact.  The other evening we were all relaxing in the family room.  My husband was stretched out in the LazyBoy and our daughter had thrown a blanket over his feet making a hideout beneath them.  The cat had gone under there to hide and pretty soon I saw Colton join her.  I didn’t think much of it at the time but pretty soon Colton took off across the room toward his toy box muttering No, No, No, as he went.  He grabbed the Elephant and turned around and headed back to the hideout saying Bitey, Bitey, Bitey and handed the elephant to the cat. 
Now, I have no proof but I’m pretty sure that while they were playing the cat bit him.  Colton knows that if you feel like biting you need Bitey the elephant!

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