Friday, September 9, 2011

The Iron

My son is at the stage where he latches on to something and that is only thing he wants.  Usually it's things like a ball, a whisk or a huge wooden spoon, but today it was the iron.  It wasn’t hot.  I had used it early in the morning to iron sisters uniform and had it out on the counter to cool off, when he spotted it. 
When he awoke from his nap I wen tot get him and took him into the kitchen to get some milk when he spied it and it was love at first sight.  Oh the iron wasn’t the first appliance he set his sights on, usually it’s the crockpot or the toaster but today was different.  The iron was out.  He made his request known by leaning out of my arms toward the counter.  I set him down so as not to drop him and quickly ran through all the reasons a 21 month old child should NOT play with he iron.  As I thought he grew louder and more insistent.  I caved!  What would it hurt?  I would just have to take extra care when using the iron.  Besides his love interest don’t last too long especially when they are too heavy to tote around.  I gave it to him.  Delight he hauled it to the couch where he proceeded to iron the cushions.  Soon it was time to get sister from school.  We live across the street from the Elementary school so I just plop him in the stroller and walk to get her.  Today he insisted on taking his friend!  There he sat happy as a clam, holding tight to the iron.  We paraded it to all the parents, teachers and students at pick-up.  Yes, I let my baby play with the iron.  Mother of the year here I come!

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  1. This is why I love you and your kiddos. Good job, mama!