Friday, September 9, 2011


The house is still.  Too quiet.  Not long ago the air was filled with the pounding feet of naked babies running through the house and delighted shrieks as Momma chased them into the awaiting arms of Daddy who plunked them into the tub.  Laughter and splashes, water everywhere. 
Extraction is just as difficult as submersion. 
Legs flailing. 
Slippery bodies wrapped in hooded towels. 
Tiny toothbrushes clean tiny teeth.
Wiggly legs and arms expertly inserted into P.J.’s, less they escape and the chase is on. 
Wobbies and Ba (pacifier to some), sippy cups and favorite toys as we cuddle up to read bedtime stories. 
Music on
Sweet kisses
Heavy eyelids close
Goodnight, sweet dreams
My darlings.

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